If you have received a Juror Summons to report to the Town of Conklin Court on Thursday, October 26, 2017:

This date has been CANCELLED.  You DO NOT need to report on that day.  

As always, thank you for your service to The Town of Conklin.


Public Hours of Operation


Regular Office hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 12:30pm      1:30pm - 4:00pm

Call ahead for Clerk availability. 

For your convenience, a Drop Box is located just outside the back door of the Court Office.

Town Justice:  Fredric S. Stapleton III


Town of Conklin Court
1271 Conklin Road
PO Box 182
Conklin, NY 13748

Phone: (607) 775-5244
Fax: (607) 775-5464

E-mail: ConklinTownCourt@nycourts.gov


Arraignments:  Tuesdays @ 10:00am

Evictions and Small Claims Proceedings:  Tuesdays @ 9:00am

Pre-trial conferences with the Broome County ADA:  1st Friday of the month


The Broome County Public Defender's Office can be reached at 607-778-2403.

The Broome County District Attorney's Office can be reached at 607-778-2423.

     -  Please contact the DA's office with any questions concerning the Traffic Diversion Program.

     -  If you are requesting a modification of an Order of Protection, please call the District Attorney's Crime Victims Assistance Center at 607-726-3200.


The NYS Department of Motor Vehicles can be reached at 518-486-9786.

   - For out-of-state drivers, please call: 518-474-0641

SOS Shelter Administration Office


24 hr (607) 754-4340